New Blinder Biker Jeans by Hudson

New styles for men are hard to come by. Many are classic styles that are sure to be staples in any man’s closet. After seeing this new style for the men by Hudson, I was nothing less than thrilled. Yes the biker jean is nothing new, but it is a change from the classic blues every season.

The details on these are the classic biker style. They have welt hip pockets (which are a huge detail this season) along with the detail stitching along the knees and thighs. One thing that I find makes these better amongst the other biker jeans is that the moto details on the knees go all the way around the jeans. It makes them feel completed and not just a detail like many others that have come out with the same style. So how many of you are looking forward to trying out this style? You can click here to purchase them from the Hudson website.