New Empire Ombre Jeans by Levi’s Made & Crafted

Levi’s Made & Crafted has combined one of the biggest trends of this season, Ombre, with their Empire fit. If you don’t know about their Empire fit, it is a tapered skinny jean with a 9″ mid-rise.

These come in four cool color combinations to choose from. There is the Apple (above) that starts off as green and gradually fades into a cream tone. This one is very reminiscent of a Granny Smith Apple. There is the Lilac that starts off as lilac (obviously) on the top and gradually becomes Periwinkle at the bottom. There is the Mustard that starts off as a bold, you guessed it, yellowy mustard and becomes a paler shade of yellow. The most versatile out of the four is, I think, the Red Ombre. It has a really rich red at the top and fades to an ashy washed out red at the bottom. Which are your favorites? You can click here to purchase all these styles at Net-A-Porter.