New Lars Overalls by Elizabeth and James

Overalls are a style that I am really on the border about. One minute I like them and the next I find them to be very dowdy. It really depends on the way they are styled, and when they are done right, I will be the first to admit that my perspective will change for that moment.

One of the styles that caught my attention this season is the new Lars leather overalls by Elizabeth and James. What makes these different to me than the others was actually not the leather, though it helped, but the details. The lock to be exact. Instead of the usual hook that is incorporated in other styles, both denim and leather, these feature a twist lock, that is very much like ones of a handbag and jewelry, in its place. It is a subtle detail, but it is one that I really appreciate. How many of you are willing to try this style out? You can click here to purchase these overalls at Shopbop.