New Styles

New Printed Jeans by J Brand

I came across these J Brand jeans while browsing through Barney’s earlier this week. I instantly thought, “What a really amazing pair!” when I first saw them. It is a mixture of prints that is very unexpected, but work so fluidly. They start off as polka dots on the top of the jeans and gradually go into a check print.

I found that keeping the print monochromatic makes them very chic and versatile. You can easily pair them with a structured jacket (i.e one of the many from the RTW line) and a white button up with sandals or a grey tank and cuffed at the bottom with flats. Another thing that I find great about these is that they are one of those printed jeans that work well worn either slouchy or skin tight.Which is always a positive. You can click here to purchase these jeans EXCLUSIVELY at Barney’s for $290.