New Styles

New Style By Rich & Skinny

Printed jeans/pants are going to be huge in the Fall and I think camouflage is going to be one of the top two picks by many, along with leopard. I just came across these really cool pants by Rich & Skinny the other day. They are their Moto Cropped Leggings in Fatigue. Rich & Skinny have really come out with some great styles lately, especially their Cargo Leggings in Slick Black (those are amazing!).

I like that Rich & Skinny are always on trend but their pieces are always unique with the designs. Like the camouflage print on these. They don’t have the classic clean blotches of greens, browns, and tans. These look like they have been splattered almost with the dye. It gives them a more roughed up feel, in my opinion. I also think the pocket and zipper details are nice touches, as well as the tassels. What do you readers think of these? Click here to purchase these at Nordstroms for $240.