Paige Premium Tidal Pocket Available To Buy!

The new Paige Premium Tidal Pocket is now available to buy on the website! It costs $189 and you better hurry as it’s limited edition! I took some close up shots myself of the shorts and the skinny jeans so you can see the detail and I included the new bootcut photos as well. As I saw these jeans in person yesterday, I have to say they are very cute. I love the new pocket design on them, it’s so different to the classic Paige pocket. Paige explained to me that the shape is a heart, the first line on each of the pockets represent a heart shape on the butt and the others represent waves for finding serenity in the ocean. I think it’s for a great cause and the meaning behind the design is beautiful. You can read more about the Tidal pocket here and you can click here to buy.