Pick of the Litter by MOTHER

MOTHER Lawless Collection

The look of leather is something that many love, but the real thing can come with a hefty price point. One brand that doesn’t sacrifice from the look and feel of the real thing, is MOTHER. They have some of the best faux leather that doesn’t just photograph great, but also feels as close to the real thing as it can get with faux leather.

Their new Pick of the Litter wash is a new addition of faux leather by the label. They feel just like the real thing and they fit amazing. They come in one of my favorite cuts, the Muse, which is a classic skinny style with a slight crop to them. Then there is the High Waisted Seamless Looker that has all the cool feel of Sandy from Grease. These are styles that any girl, or even guy, would want to add to their closet and want to wear all the time. How many of you are looking forward to trying these? You can click here to purchase them from the MOTHER website now.