Preview Of Dylan George Spring 2012

We caught up with Dylan George designer Danny Guez to talk about the inspiration, new styles, and which are his favorites from the spring collections.

For the inspiration, Danny got inspired by a walk on the beach. Seeing the ease of everyone from the surfers to just the location. Another inspiration was the fabric itself. Each pair of jeans come in amazingly soft fabrics. They also hold their shape well too. That is something that just about everyone looks for in jeans, for them not to stretch out and sag in the thighs and butt and these will not.

There are quite a few styles and fits that I think many will love from this collection. For the women they have the Keira which is a skinny jean that is just perfect. They are fitted all the way down and come in many washes. This one is a style that Danny favors and by experience I know why. They are just great. For the men, they have a straight-leg fit, relaxed, regular, and the new Rocker Skinny.

There are also some new styles along with the core styles above. They have the Elizabeth, which is a baby bootcut, the sailor pants, and some shorts as well as capris. The great news about the shorts is that they are all priced under $100. I think this is a great thing. Many shorts by premium brands are just crazy priced for how little fabric is involved. They did push the boundaries on a few new styles. For the women they have a foiled pair and a bit further for the men (well for the usual man). I am loving that more brands are starting to be more open with their men’s styles. They have come out with some coated jeans for the men. There is a coated gray, cranberry, and khaki. I am excited to see the khaki. I think those will be great.

One note that I love that Danny gave is that the signature “Z” might come back to some of their women’s styles. The detail was put on hold for a bit, to make the styles get noticed on their own and not the pockets. Another great thing that Dylan George will be coming out with are some exclusives with Bloomingdale’s and Nordstroms. I can’t wait to see the exclusives. Being exclusives they are sure to be amazing. You can check out a peek of the women’s here and check below for the men’s.