The Return on the J Brand Houlihan


No pair has had such a cult following as the J Brand Houlihan and if you were out of luck the first time around trying to get a pair, the brand has you covered with the re-release of the coveted style.

Keeping true to the style that took over years back with a mid-rise and skinny leg, the pants still carry that edge from when they took over. There is a simplicity to the style that has made them chic and the reason why they have made such an impact as they did when they were first released. With the resurgence of militia fashion, it is sure to be making an impression yet again in these cool new classic colors.

How many of you are excited for the return of J Brand’s Houlihan Cargos? And how will you style these this time around? You can click here to purchase these pants from the J Brand website.