Songs Of The Cowboy by MOTHER

Songs Of The Cowboy Main

MOTHER is all about the natural approach for the Spring 2016 season. Cropped flares were introduced over the past few seasons and come Spring, they will be huge. But you can’t expect MOTHER to do the same clean styles as the ones in the market though. Their personal approach for the new season gave them the California spin that they are known for with their Songs of The Cowboy wash. This new wash has a western feel to it with sanding on top of a light blue wash that complements the new cut perfectly.

As the brand is known for taking washes and releasing them in multiple fits, they didn’t leave out the Looker Skinny. The wash will also be available in the classic cut for the person that is looking for a more everyday style. Which cut is your favorite? You can click here to purchase MOTHER from their website.