Tears of Bleu – Mary Jane Fashion Flare

Tears of Bleu have released a season preview of their new Flare Jean collection; the Mary Jane Fashion Flare. The brand have continued to change the perception of the Flared Jean by introducing 8 new exciting washes this season. “We took the retro Bell Bottom that first became popular in the 60’s and gave it a completely contemporary spin by introducing 8 exciting new washes to reflect today’s fashion forward generation” said Caius Olowu, Tears of Bleu’s Chief Creative Officer.

These washes reflect a new direction in denim finishing as well as a completely new way of achieving colour denim, by stripping the indigo and over dying it, which gives the denim a unique high and low colour finish. The washes that will be available from Tears of Bleu for the new season are: California Vintage, Black Ink, Ocean Sea, Dark Moon (above) and Coloured Haze (below). Coloured Haze is offered in four colours, Rose, Green, Grey and Brown. Are any of you a fan of the brand?