The New Skinny Pusher Jean from CLOSED Denim

CLOSED has a brand new jean on the scene, the Skinny Pusher. Keeping the classic fly label, X-Pockets, cross-section legs and everything else classic to the brand, but adding small angle X-Pockets, a high waist, but a little bit deeper and a skinny leg, these jeans are unlike anything they have created before. The jean seems to have a double yoke too, on the back and on the front like you can see in the photo above. What do you think of them? You can find out a little bit more about the jean below in the press release and you can shop them online here. Which wash will you be buying?

1980. Political turmoil and environmental manifestations. The economy is booming in the west and brand names are becoming status symbols. You watch Dallas, listen to Duran Duran and cry over the death of John Lennon. Muhammad Ali fights and wins, while the cube is invincible. China undertakes nuclear tests – Jane Fonda does aerobics, and it is the birth of the first Closed Pants: The Pedal Pusher conceived and created in Italy. Inspired by a postman uniform, these pants become a cult model. X-pockets ensure a perfect fit and form the basis of every pedal pusher. The pockets are sewn at 33 degree angle, allowing for a comfortable insertion of the outstretched hands. From 22 different section parts, the Pedal Pusher is created entirely by hand.

2014. Crimean crisis, a plane disappears and the NSA eavesdrops. We are connected: we post, we share and we like. We read the news on blogs and do stand-up paddling on the lakes. We eat vegan, watch Breaking Bad and Pharrell Williams makes us happy. We detox, have burnouts and Google what we do not know. And with all the speed in everyday life, one thing is more important to us than ever: sustainability. To date, the pedal pusher, which has sold 30,000,000, is still produced in the same factory in Italy. In autumn 2014, the legendary Closed classic is now transformed into a modern skinny jeans. The essential components were all transferred to the new Skinny Pusher, while the fit was transformed into a skinny leg.

Closed begins a new era. On the way to a new icon.