The Quarterbound Notebook by MiH

Every so often there comes a denim accessory that is very new and different amongst the others that we have been seeing. There are the usual handbags, shoes, hats, etc that pop up from time to time, but not very often do you hear denim venture elsewhere.

MiH has taken that step out to merge together what they know best with another piece that also gets better with age, the notebook, to create their new Quarterbound Notebook. It is a handmade piece in collaboration with GlobeTrotter that has a denim cover and tonal leather going along the spine. This will definitely make a great gift for someone that loves denim and writing in your life, but has every other denim piece imaginable. And can you imagine how amazing this will look as it wears out over the years? You can click here to purchase this from their website for $90.