New Styles

The Yumi Kimono by NSF

The robe and kimono has to be one of my favorite trends at the moment. It gives off the same chic aesthetic as a lightweight trench with a fresh new vibe that anyone can wear. It’s nothing new to the market as we have seen brands release different takes in the past in mostly washed denim, but printed styles are something that has never been touched before. Seeing a brand that focuses on the true heritage of denim like NSF dabble in the style, I could not be more elated.

This new piece comes in a lightweight chambray that is perfect for the Summer. With a one of a kind print, the style will definitely keep you standing out among the classic denim jacket that everyone will be wearing. But NSF didn’t just stop with a one of kind print to stand out. They of course needed to add their signatures of worn details, like bleaching. This is definitely a kimono that I see as unisex and could see both sexes donning it effortlessly. What do you think of the denim kimono? You can click here to purchase this piece from the NSF website.