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Denim DIY: Denim Leggings & Lace

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I absolutely love Denim Leggings and Lace Tights. I wear Denim Leggings all the time because they are so comfy and versatile. I have been thinking of ways I can change around the look and I came to the conclusion of putting footless Lace Tights over the top of my Denim Leggings. It actually turned out really really hot! I love the look. It’s great for those of you who may find the Lace Tights are a little itchy like I do, you can’t feel the material once it’s put over the soft Denim Leggings. It’s a great look that works. Denim Leggings are hot and Lace is in right now so why not mix them up. Not only are they pretty they keep you extra warm for the winter months as well. I included photos of mine for you to see. The Leggings are by Topshop and the footless Lace Tights are by ASOS. If you have any questions or anything just post a comment and I will be happy to help.

leggings lace

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