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Good Society does organic Colored Denim

The denim brand Good Society is releasing a new range on pre-order of colored denim. There is a pinky red color, lilac and light gray in a skinny cut. I love Good Society because their denim is all organic! The fit on them is great and they look really cute. I myself own a pair of Dry/Raw denim Good Societys and they are fantastic. I recommend this brand if you havent already tried them, they are not too expensive either. Most denim these days contains a lot of chemicals from the cotton growing process, so its nice that these are organic! Want to give Good Society a try? Check out Tobi for a great selection of the brand for men and women.

Good Society is a loosely connected organic movement driving global change. The core value of this movement is the belief that in all things we must love, will, and do good. The Good Society label takes fashion beyond useless, and often-destructive pretense by presenting an affordably priced, forward thinking collection that is fully sustainable – both ecologically and socially. The label centers around its collection of fairly traded 100% organic denim with clean styling and a fit that ensures it will be the pair you wear to look good and feel great.

I included some photos of progress on my raw Good Society jeans. For more about Raw/Dry denim, check out our guide and forum!