Jean Styles You Should Try At Least Once in Your Lifetime

There’s a saying that goes, “What’s old is new again” or maybe it’s, “What comes around goes around”. And in fashion, that is always the case. So before you look at any of the current denim trends and say nay, read on……


Colored jeans are for everyone, start with blue or green washes. For a more mature look go for the colors that are deeper, darker like Pierce Jeans Montana Pierson Slim Jean in Brush Sage. And if you are a bit more youthful, you should definitely go bright; like 4 Stroke Neon Roseland Jeans in Dazed from ShopIntuition! I’m not very mature so I’d go 4 Stroke! Yes they’re loud and I could double as a traffic flare in the dark, but imagine how rad I’d look at PTA meetings. 😉

The Boyfriend

Everybody and their momma are wearing the boyfriend jean. There must be something to it right? Even I’m trying it! I suggest wearing the boyfriend trend with a fitted top. If you’re not digging the Current/Elliott version, you can try Rich & Skinny’s boyfriend jean, available at RonHerman (right) and the Paige boyfriend is pretty cute too! FYI…. I’m wearing Pine IV Sensei Cut (seems a straight leg to me)

Click if you dare!

*Props to ZoZo, my 6 yr old Director & Photog for my “photo shoot”; Momma is smiling with her eyes!

Wide Leg

Wide leg is so simple. You are looking for chic. And when you look chic- you feel powerful! You know what chic + powerful is right? Sexy! You’re also looking for the proper length! These are pants you will ALWAYS wear with the same height shoe. They should be hemmed so they look like they are sweeping the floor but aren’t! Really they’re just above the floor. Take the exact height shoe with you to the tailor that you will ALWAYS wear with them. Otherwise they’ll lose their chic-ness! I recommend Notify Jeans Asarina Extra Wide Leg in Dark Blue.

Ripped & Destroyed

Oh yeah! Because everyone should be a bad ass sometime in their life! Or at least look like one! I really love the Members Only Ripper Skinny Jean! I can’t wait till it hit’s the Members Only online store! Also another great looking ripped & destroyed jean is Siwy Hannah Slim Crop Jean! Those jeans are so cute, I’d love to pair them up with a medium blue denim vest!


The skinny jean took me so long to warm up to. Now though, I absolutely LOVE my Rag & Bone skinny jeans. Talk about fitting like a glove! Hollywood’s skinny jean is J Brand! These are jeans no one can look bad in. I’ve seen girls of all sizes in these skinny jeans. The key is to extend your leg with footwear with a heel. Check out (middle & right) J Brand Suzuki Low Rise Suzuki Jean! Rarrr!!!