Uh-Oh… Double Denim is back.


MAJOR BWA HA HA HA HA HA’s ahead. Prepare to spit whatever you are drinking.

From fashionising.com:

I have a confession. I hate the 1980s.

Born in the middle of the decade I’m too young to remember any of its culture, instead preferring endless memories of Thomas The Tank Engine. That may be a lie actually, I do remember part of the culture. I remember perms. I remember mullets. I remember a plethora of crimes committed against my young eyes by baby boomers who should have known better (though that generation aren’t exactly known for getting anything right). And amongst those heinous crimes which aided the development of my acute sense of loathing all things 80’s is double denim.

Which brings me to some terrible news dear readers: double denim is back.

But there’s hope. There’s hope that we’ve caught it soon enough. There’s hope that we can show people the error of their ways before double denim spreads. And Fashionising.com is going to lead the charge: normally fully behind the majority of fashion trends and micro-trends, we’re labelling the double denim fashion trend the major faux pas amongst all of 2009’s fashion trends and 2010’s fashion trends.

I fear its true – double denim IS back. Even in the new True Religion magazine ads, you’ll see denim jackets paired with jeans or shorts. What’s your take on the new trend?