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BleuLab Spring 2013 Press Day

Earlier this week, I went to go see BleuLab to preview their new Spring 2013 men’s collection. If you aren’t familiar with BleuLab yet, they are the brand that is famously known for the feature of being completely reversible. I was very intrigued to see what they would have and how the concept worked into their new men’s line.

Bleulab had quite a lot to offer for their Spring 2013 collection. The fits range from Super Slim, Slim, Straight, and an Anti-Fit (I’ll be reviewing those soon). The washes were the classic washes that many guys favor such as blacks, greys, blues, and even some color that a lot of men will be interested in trying. New this season are the pairs that flip from denim to denim, like a purple to a khaki, blue to a black, and lighter washes to darker ones, but they didn’t leave the classic aesthetic out of the line, there were also many pairs that flipped into super coated or matte finishes.

The details of the jeans is what I was really interested in seeing, mainly to see if they featured front pockets. As you avid BleuLab fans know, their classic jeans do not feature any front pockets, but with their men’s collection, this concept was thrown out of the window. Each pair had pockets that flipped completely around to which ever side you prefer wearing that day.

It was also great to feel the fabrication of the jeans. I think the men will be fans of them due to their soft fabric with some stretch to it, which were also virtually weightless. They do have pairs that had some weight to them if you like your denim on the heftier side, such as a raw pair. Yes, a raw pair of jeans that is completely reversible and wears just like any other raw jean! This was a pair that I was very intrigued about because I have never heard of a pair of jeans like these before.

I was also able to preview some of the women’s pieces (last two images). It was equally just as amazing as the men with all the metallics, prints and a faux suede. On my way to the visit, I was wondering how this reversible concept would work with a leather or suede pair. It was such a surprise when I heard that they designed a pair and thought of way to make this work. Like the pieces for the men, front pockets are also starting to make appearances on a few of their classic skinny and skinny trouser styles. You can see all the pictures from my day at the Bleulab Spring 2013 press day below.

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