Diesel Male Fall/Winter 2013 Press Day

Here is the Fall/Winter 2013 male collection for Diesel which I saw at the press day last week in London. The female collection will come soon, likely tomorrow, but as we have more male fans of Diesel, I thought it would be fair to post the guys collection first.

The styles that they mainly had on show at the press day were brightly coloured and printed, however they did have some blues and some of them were really pretty! The image just below has 3 Thavar on it, and those are the ones to the left, but I think mainly the photos speak for themselves. There were 2 washes that I really liked and those were the Darron in image 8 and Shioner in image 7. I think those were the prettiest blues they had on offer. I haven’t included many images of the clothing collection though, I have kept this post mainly about the denim.

You can see all of the images in the gallery below and if you have any questions about them, just comment and let me know and I will get back to you! I was hoping to see some more classics in Thanaz and Thavar, but they weren’t really at the press day. I do find that the press days only show about 25% of the collection though and usually the more bolder pieces, so it will be interesting to see which blues come out over the months.

Images belong to Lorna Burford/DenimBlog.com.
Written by Lorna Burford