Diesel Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Press Day

I saw the new Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Diesel in London last week during their press day. I have both the women’s and men’s collections, but I always post the men’s first as I know the majority of Diesel fans here are guys! So take a look inside to see the new styles and as always, if you have any questions regarding wash codes, fits etc, just comment and let me know!

I think there were about 10 jeans on display for the SS14 collection, so they definitely didn’t have the entire collection, just a small part of it. They had some styles that were really bold and others that were more classic. The navy, khaki and rust jeans just above, to the left, are pretty classic, but then they had a blue wash with camo print painted over the top of it as you can see. Next was a Thavar in a gorgeous 3D blue, this was almost my favourite wash as it came in women’s too. The other 2 on the table were generally quite classic washed blues, which you always expect to see from Diesel.

The jeans held up were really intriguing. They had a pair of black jeans with coated wax all over them so they were really shiny and glossy. They reminded me a lot of a pair of jeans Russell Brand would wear (image 9 in the gallery). There was also a pair of darker blue jeans, but they had coating all over the top of them in a more greenish blue (image 8 in the gallery) and they had another classic wash (image 7) which was whiskered and pretty. They had a new cut called Sleenker, which is a slim skinny, sort of in-between Thavar and Thanaz, that came in two washes. I believe image 7 and image 9. There was a lighter washed denim jacket as well!

For some info on Thanaz though, they didn’t have any on show there during the press day, but I did ask about the cut. They said they hadn’t heard anything about it being discontinued at all, but would find out for me for sure. So hopefully it’s still being made! What do you think of the collection?

Images belong to Lorna Burford/DenimBlog.com.