Dylan George Press Day Preview

Here is a little preview of what is to come by the amazing Dylan George brand. They featured lots of new techniques for the up and coming Fall/Holiday collection.

For the men’s they have a new style with flap pockets. I was such a fan of these when I saw them. The button for the flap pocket is placed under the flap itself. So you will never get caught on a chair and worry about it plopping off. They also have these really cool paint splatter jeans that I have been told have been quite a hit already. The washes were great. I love a majority of the ones for the men in these collections. Just wished my legs were big enough for the styles.

The Dylan George team didn’t skimp out on the techniques for the women either. They introduced this super soft fabric, as well as a new design for the back pocket. There will now be a clean pocket for the ladies. They have quite a few pairs that are sure to be hits. They have the Farrah, which is a higher-waisted jean with patch pockets in the front. This is very on-trend with the ’70s comeback. I love that they incorporated the ’70s in this collection. In not just styles, but also washes and stitching. They also have the jeggings. The great news about these is that they have pockets. Another good thing that I think you women would love is that, wait for it…the whole jean is 100% elastic. All the comfort of a pair of leggings, but with actual functionality. So you don’t have to worry about it bagging around the knees or bum.

Now to, what I thought is the holy grail of the collection, the colored waxed denim. I just love these, especially the maroon colored pair. They were just amazing in person. These jeans are not actually coated after the jeans are constructed like many waxed jeans. The thread itself is waxed.

One thing that I love about both the men’s and women’s styles is that the fabrics were so lightweight and soft, even the waxed and dark washed jeans. Nothing was stiff or rough on the skin. They were all just perfect for year-round wear.

This is a just a little peep. There are quite few other amazing ones that you readers just have to wait for. I can’t give all the styles away. You can check out some of the styles below.