Hudson Spring Summer 2014 Press Day

I got to see the new Hudson Spring Summer 2014 collection while I was in London a couple of weeks ago and it was full of colour! They had so many gorgeous styles that I couldn’t stop staring at. There are quite a lot of photos here in this post as I wanted to capture as many of the jeans as I could.

Hudson are known for doing scenery prints, a lot like their famous London print and the palm trees, so this time they had three night time city scape scenes. The purple one below being my favourite. It was gorgeous in person and it even has a galaxy/starry sky to go with it. These three jeans were so inventive and fun, I honestly can’t wait for them to become available!

The printed pair above was like a kaleidoscope snake print. The colours were so bright and fun and you actually can’t really tell there are snakes on it, unless you look hard. It can be mistaken for jewels! For other prints, they had a paint splatter in various colours which was very bold and then a more subtle diamond and stripes print over floral. There were some tie dye jeans in black and white and even a denim jean with skulls and flowers subtly printed over the top.

Now moving onto classic denim, they had a similar jean to the Stark Moto jean in a bleached acid wash which had ripped knees instead of folded denim (image 1 and 2). These were beautiful and I fell in love with them instantly! They did actually have a new Stark Moto jean as well in a blue, but I didn’t find those as striking. There was a pair of patchwork flared jeans which looked really cool and also some red flares, as well as a light blue jean with marbled grainy paint over the top in grey.

Another cool piece was the short denim overalls, those were adorable! Talking of shorts though, they had loads of denim shorts with embellishments, zippers and rips, as well as two leather style shorts, one with embossed print on and one that was plain. Speaking of leather, they had a couple of pairs of black leather pants and one pair had slashed rips on them, which was a new take on the trend.

Overall, it was a fantastic collection. So inventive and creative with some gorgeous prints and scenery, but they did have quite a lot of classic blues at the same time. It was a great mix. There are so many pieces here that I would love to own! Which ones do you like?

Images belong to Lorna Burford/