J Brand Spring/Summer 2013 Press Day

I went to have a look at the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection from J Brand in London last week. I can definitely say that they had some really amazing stand out pieces which caught my eye immediately. I know they usually adore their prints, but this coming season they have gone overboard with the brightness and bold styles, I love it!

My favourite pair from the entire collection is the orchid print below, it’s so intense and vibrant, it would look incredible dressed up with black! They also had some amazing pink paint sprayed/splattered skinnies which were very bright! There was another floral print too, similar to my favourite ones, but in a blue combination and they had a bright blue dotted print as well.

Among the bright prints, they did have some beautiful pastel skinnies which you can see above. They had an overdyed effect on them and I think they turned out really pretty, the only thing I would say about these though is that they looked very see through, so they are definitely for the brave! Speaking of pastels, they actually had some light pastel coloured leathers too! You can see those in the last two gallery images and I think they will be so cute! I can definitely see some of the celebs dressing them up in a feminine way. Usually leather pants are deemed as quite tough, but J Brand have really given them the turn around with these girly shades.

I did see a pair of black skinnies which had a zip all the way up the front of each leg (image 11) which were cool, however I don’t know how wearable they would actually be. There was also a twill pant which had a sort of padded embroidery going on at the front (image 10), a few really bright solid skinnies (image 15), a gorgeous denim jacket (image 16) and some boyfriend shorts (image 17).

Getting to their classics though, I did see a few regular blue denim pieces, but only a couple. My favourite of those would be the dark washed pair of skinny jeans with whiskering (image 9) and I also saw a light washed slouchy pair with distressing at the knee (not pictured). I find that a lot of the denim brands don’t often feature their classics at the press days and only go for their statement pieces, so don’t worry, I am sure they will still release their regular styles too.

Overall I think it’s a great Spring/Summer 2013 collection, perhaps not my most favourite, but by far my favourite where as prints are concerned! I can’t wait for some of them to become available. What do you like the most?

Images belong to DenimBlog/Lorna Burford.