J Brand Spring/Summer 2014 Press Day

Back in November I attended the J Brand press day for their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Some of the key colour trends that I noticed were definitely pink, white and grey. It was refreshing to see so much pink and white actually, it made the collection look quite clean and crisp overall, but fun because of the pops of pink. Some were more of a bubblegum pastel pink, but others were about as neon as you could possibly get without glowing!

I also spotted some intricate detailing like beading work on some of the legs, moto stitching and even fancy stitching down the outer seams on some pairs. There were quite a lot of denim shorts as well as vests and jackets and I loved the addition of the bright pink neoprene pants! They look just like jeans, but were made of a wetsuit like neoprene fabric.

There was also a lot of leather in the mix, including a pink leather jacket and even a waist coat, but one thing I did love was the black and white pinstripe pieces! Those were really cool! They also had some leather style dresses which looked like they would be really fun to wear!

Going back to their classic denim, they had a lot of regular skinny jeans in light blue, white, grey and even black, but they did have a couple of looser pairs and even some bootcut in the collection as well. I have to say that this collection was very diverse and varied as they even had some baggy leather pants that looked like boyfriend jeans.

There were no two things the same, everything was different and there was a style for every single person! I quite liked the overall feel of it and would love to own some of these pieces, especially the neoprene pink pants, some of the shorts, the grey skinnies and the neon pink skinny jeans! You can see the full collection in the gallery below.

Images belong to DenimBlog.com/Lorna Burford.