Jean Machine Fall/Winter 2013 Press Day

Here is the Fall/Winter 2013 collection for the guys from Jean Machine. For those of you not familiar with the brand, it’s MiH’s men’s line and I got to preview the new styles at their headquarters in London during the press day. I took as many pictures as I could for you to see what they have up and coming!

Jean Machine is a lot different to the women’s MiH collection in terms of trends. The quality is still excellent and the brand keeps its English heritage, but in terms of styles, the guys is much more classic with dark and regular blue jeans being the main focal point of the collection. There were some darker greys on offer and they did also have some trouser style chinos there and a very pretty acid wash blue, which was a lot like the women’s acid wash I fell in love with, but there aren’t any really bright colours or prints, just a very muted and very Fall appropriate colour palette and even a denim jacket which looked nice.

The cuts for Jean Machine actually come in codes like J-M 1, J-M 2 and J-M 3. Starting at 1 as the slimmest, 2 being a straight and then 3 as a more relaxed fit. They do offer a J-M 4 which is the jacket and there is also a J-M 9 which is a pair of shorts, but those aren’t in the F/W13 collection for obvious reasons. The acid wash pair (image number 2 and 3) came in the J-M 1 as it’s their more slimmer cut and more suited to the wash, while the other washes came in an array of fits. They did have some various shirts as well as some t-shirts, but denim made up the bulk of the collection. Have any of you guys tried Jean Machine yet? Check out the images in the gallery below!

Images belong to Lorna Burford/
Written by Lorna Burford