HF Members Raw/Dry Denim Progress

So since the market for Raw denim is growing right now I thought I would take this opportunity to show the progress of some of our Honestforum members Raw denim. I love to see how the jeans look even after a few wears, you can see them really forming to your body shape. The honey combs start to appear along with the lap creases, after a while they begin slightly fading and when you wash them the contrast against the fades to the rest of the denim looks great. The more you wear them, the more they change and so on. For me, they are like a project I like to work on, and its an easy one! If you would like to know more about Raw Denim please check out our guide and the Dry Denim section of Honestforum.

Here are my Good Societys (Lorna17) from New to 10 wears. (click to enlarge images)

My Sling & Stones Rachels (lorna17) from new to 40 ish wears, 1 soak and 1 wash.

Anthonys Nudie Slim Jim (pocket stitching removed) from almost new to 1 year old, 1 wash 1 dry clean.

Anthonys Dior at 1 year and 1 wash, 1 dry clean and plenty of soaks.

Anthonys 5010XX Skulls at 6 months wear.

blm14s Samurai S5000VX about 1 year 3 months but maybe 8 months actual wear.

Hismas Flathead F310 after 10 months and 2 washes.

Dirkdigles Nudie Dry Organic at 8 Months wear, No Wash.

Ndymiaws Nudie Womens TLJ at about 130 wears, no washes.

Plastic_alligators Good Society Skinny Raws at about 40 wears.

Plastic_alligators Pure Blue Japan at around 60 wears.

Blackcandy3s 19cm Diors at 6 months, 2 washes and 1 soak.

Tomatous’s Ande Whalls Jeans at 6 months wear and 1 wash.

So now you have seen how awesome raw denim can look after even just 10 wears, and how they change with each wear. They are like a blank canvas to start with and how you wear them makes the art.

All images courtesy of Honestforum members.