3 Ways to Wear: GOLDSIGN Frontier Cropped in Braylon

My obsession with grey jeans is still going strong and this time I chose a clean cropped pair by GOLDSIGN to style. I opted for their Frontier Cropped in Braylon mainly for its wash, but the cut has a strong Kate Moss feel to it that made me decide on three looks that were all inspired by her.

Ms. Moss had a moment a few years back when she lived in her cardigans and cowboy boots, this look was inspired by that time. I paired the jeans with boots by Dingo for the contrast that the worn deep red adds. I then wanted to add a model signature, a muscle t by Isabel Marant. If I were to say there was a perfect muscle t shirt, this would be it. It wouldn’t be a look of that time without the cardigan and I chose this simple and clean one by Margiela. Then, it couldn’t be a Moss look without some funky accessory. I chose this one by Luv AJ for its slightly organic worn western vibe.

Nothing screams Moss more than the a shrunken blazer, graphic t shirt and some ankle boots. This R13 t shirt is something I can definitely see her wearing because it is just cool. I chose a blazer from TOPSHOP as she is a fan of the high-street store herself. This one is less classic from the ones she typically wears, but still feels as smart. Ankle boots was a no brainer to choose as she has been wearing them with everything since before it was a trend. I chose these by Toga for the details on them and the way it compliments the wash of the jeans. I then wanted to finish the look off with something that wasn’t typically of the style icon, but has a fun vibe like her personality. This Valentino bag, I find, to be one of the best bags of the season. There is great charm to it that takes any look to a more fun level.

Now for the boho Moss look. One thing that I appreciate about her style is that she really is versatile with the pieces she wears, but styles them in her own way, which is very strong. Stripes are quintessential when doing any post inspired by her and this t shirt by R13 is just the perfect one. Once again, ankle boots, but they are not just the ordinary ankle boots. I chose this reptile skinned pair by Saint Laurent to add some texture and help contrast the smoothness of the suede jacket from her collaboration from TOPSHOP. As skinny scarves are her thing right now, this one from her collaboration just only fits the bill for the eclectic mix of clothing.

– How many of you get inspired by Kate Moss when choosing grey jeans for the day?