3 Ways to Wear the Men’s J Brand Tyler in Black Leather

I decided to do a “3 Ways to Wear…” post for the guys this time. Since it is the first one, I thought “why not go all out and do some man leather?”, so I chose the new J Brand Tyler in Black Leather (click here to buy) as the first one to style. Being that these are black, they are much easier to wear. I am sure that the guys that have these would have no issue finding anything to pair with them.

This look here is probably the most representative of me. Just a fitted sweater, fitted shirt, fitted pants, and some sneakers that go with everything. Plus it is all black, which is what I usually wear everyday. I paired the pants with a Balenciaga Egyptofunk Sweater, a T by Alexander Wang T Shirt, and some Air Yeezy II. What I like most about this look is that you still look dressed up and put together, but still comfortable. It is one that is just so clean. If you are looking to spruce up the look even more, I say a fitted cap would be the best thing to add to the look.

The cold weather look. I have to add one of these, due to the fact that it is the actual season to wear a look like this. I paired the pants with a Silent by Damir Doma Coat, T by Alexander Wang Shirt, and some YSL Sneakers. Being that there is no print in any of the pieces, I found adding a pair of shoes that had detail wouldn’t be overboard. Since the shoes are higher cut, I say to have them loosely tucked into the show. In other words, a sloppy tuck. It will help bring out the grunge factor of the look even more.

This is the most casual of the looks. Probably one that you can wear to the grocery store…well maybe that is just me. I put the pants together with a Mugler Sweater, T by Alexander Wang Shirt, and some TOMS. To keep this look from looking like you just rolled out of the bed and threw on whatever was on the floor, I say to wear everything fitted and have the sweater a bit more loose. The details give off the illusion that it is more fitted, so I think you can get away with wearing it looser. Also if the weather decides to warm up you have an equally great casual look by just pairing the shirt, pants and TOMS.