Styling Jeans

Styling the Hazel in Speedster by DL1961

DL1961 asked us to style their new motorcycle jeans, the Hazel in Speedster. These jeans are a new take on their classic motorcycle trend. They have details such as ribbing at the thigh and zippers in a clean super skinny silhouette.

Even though these jeans are a standout piece of their own, I found that you can still go graphic with the look by pairing them with contrasting black and white. I decided to do the contrasting part with the tops by pairing together a DressedUndressed turtleneck under a Tibi silk camisole. I finished it off with a pair of Balenciaga ankle boots. Another reason why I chose this type of layering, over the usual coat, is because it is a bit unexpected. It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but looks very chic when worn. How many of you will be layering your looks like this with these jeans?