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Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Occasion

Valentine’s Day is always a touchy subject. You’re either in love and can’t wait for it, or you’re single and can’t wait for it to go away. Some of you don’t fall into any of these categories and you take the day to make it about friends or you just don’t care at all. With this in mind, I put together outfits for every type of celebration on the big V-Day in case you are in need of a little guidance. Whatever you’re doing this Valentine’s Day I hope you have a blast and look amazing while doing it!

Fancy Date

This outfit is for all you ladies who want to look good for your date whether it be a serious boyfriend or new fling. There’s a deep neckline to show a little skin, some fur to add a luxurious factor and some red lipstick to make you irresistible. A little spray of Hypnotic Poison before you leave the house and he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

Girls Night Out

I love this idea. I love when girls don’t let the day get them down and make it about friendship and going all out with their friends. I’ve given you 3 different outfits to wear with this awesome asymmetrical skirt (because it’s so fabulous) for whatever you and your girls decide to do. There’s a dressed up version, a stylish version and a cute version ensuring you’ll look great no matter what you do!

Staying In

I, myself have had many a V-day spent making dinner at home with the boyfriend but I always struggle with what I should wear. It’s odd to put on heels because you’re in your own home, but you feel kind of weird in your bare feet too. I’ve created this look so that you’re comfortable but still dazzle your lover. Keep the make up simple (mascara and red lipstick should do the trick), pin your hair up however it’s comfortable and have those nails painted. You’ll be comfortable, yet irresistible.

Trying To Forget About it

For all you scrooges out there I totally feel you. You literally can’t go anywhere without being reminded of love and half (or all) of your friends are taken for the night. Well I’m about to turn your night UP! Spend your V-day treating YOURSELF, by kickin’ it in a onesie, making yourself some cocktails and watching some good ol’ Netflix. All of you have to admit that’s a pretty good night for any night of the week so why not do it up on Valentine’s Day. I might even do this myself!

Feel free to share what you’re wearing this V-day in the comments!