The Best Bell Bottom Jeans [January 2020]

Why did sailors wear bell bottom trousers?

The reasons sailors wear bell bottoms was brought about in 1817 and was done that way so when sailors were mopping the deck, they could roll their pants up and protect the military.

When Were Bell Bottoms Popular?

Bell bottoms were at their peak in the 60’s and 70’s

What is the difference between flare and bell bottom jeans?

Are Bell Bottom Pants Out Of Style?

The “bell bottom” went out of style. Flared bottoms are more in style that the bell bottoms. The bell bottoms hit their peak in the 70s and flare bottoms took over where bell bottom left off

What Do You Wear With Bell Bottom Jeans?

It all depends on whether you want to look casual or dress it up. You can wear your favorite tshirt and sneakers for a dressed down look and you can also wear a cute dress shirt with some block heels and look great

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