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“You can be a farmer in those clothes”, Amber Mariens says in Clueless. The once polarizing style of denim overalls made its comeback a few years back to solidify itself as a closet staple. Reinvented season after season, the styles of today are chicer than ever. Given new cuts, it’s more than just that relaxed style that you just throw on to for a cleaning or art project, don’t worry those styles are still available if they are your thing. There are skinnies, wide legs and even flares that you can layer over your favorite tee or sweater for looks that will get heads turning for the right reasons.

See the styles that will have you feeling more chic than an art student working on a piece.


Best Denim Overalls 🌟

MADEWELL The Skinny Frayed Overalls $89.00

MADEWELL gave their signature trendy spin to the classic overalls by making it in a skinny cut and frayed hem, giving a modern and flattering spin to a style that can veer towards dowdy easily.


FOREVER 21 The Zip-Front Overalls $29.00

Yes you can wear a pair of red overalls without feeling like the Super Mario (yes, I know he wears blue). It is a fun style to give those neutrals a nice little punch of life.


Best Overalls on a Budget

Best Overalls on a Budget 🌟

MONKI The Wide Leg Corduroy Overalls $44.00

Another corduroy pair of overalls that will have you giving your denim styles a break. This style by MONKI is a clean take with a pocketless bib, adding a more chic look that can easily be dressed up or down.


APIECE APART The Carmen Corduroy Overalls $119.00

Linear and sleek is the APIECE APART aesthetic. The Carmen is a clean take that has a lush feel from the corduroy fabric.


ISABEL MARANT ETOILE The Lashay Workwear Overalls $680.00

ISABEL MARANT took a less traditional sense with her Lashay Overalls for her ETOILE line. She did her signature masculine meets feminine spin by making a workwear inspired jumpsuit.


TOPSHOP The Cropped Wide Leg Overalls

TOPSHOP gave a wideleg spin to the trendy piece. Don’t worry, this style won’t drown you and is really flattering. The style hugs you in all the right places and still give your ankles some breathing room.


Best Flare Overalls

Best Flare Overalls 🌟

MOTHER The Pocket Hustler Overall $320.00

MOTHER is all about making the retro feel modern. Their Pocket Hustler Overalls is a chic and flattering spin on the style that will lift you in the right places and it has stretch. So you don’t have to be worried about any restriction.


FREE PEOPLE The Juniper Jumpsuit $128.00

Overalls are one of the go-to workwear styles out there and seeing a more industrial inspired style is expected. FREE PEOPLE made the style that is still feminine by making it in a lighter fabric and toughening it up with zippers.


FREE PEOPLE The Carly Flare Jumpsuit $128.00

This boho, flared style by FREE PEOPLE still has that casual overall look in a flared cut that is flirty and feminine. It is the perfect style that you can get away with wearing during a night out.


GAP The Relaxed Denim Overalls $89.00

Easy and casual is what you expect from overalls and GAP has the perfect one that you will live in. Their take is cut slouchy and relaxed making them the perfect style to run around in.


Best Skinny Overalls

Best Skinny Overalls 🌟

LEVI’S The Skinny Overalls $89.00

The first denim brand, of course, has their take on the skinny overalls. With their expertise, the style is flattering and comfortable enough to layer over turtlenecks for the colder months and transition over with a flouncy sleeve shirt for the warmer days.


MADEWELL The Reconstructed Skirt Overalls $89.00

Overalls are not just limited to pant styles and MADEWELL also have a skirt style available. Giving vibes of STELLA MCCARTNEY, the reconstructed styles has an English quirk with the brand’s signature California ease.