Best Henley Shirts [August 2020]

Ways to wear a Henley Shirt

When you wear a Henley Shirt, you must make sure that you wear the correct size so that it fits correctly. The correct size of the shirt is essential. To wear it correctly, remember this. The shirt must be form fitting, not loose. Especially if you wear the long sleeve version of this shirt. If you are a bigger man with a round middle, do not wear Henley shirts at all, they will not look good.
In the warmer months, short sleeve looks good with jeans or whatever you like to wear.
In colder months, layering it looks much better

Henley shirts were named after the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley on the Thames. The first Henley royal regatta was in 1839. This was a type of shirt that was made for the rowers who were in the competition. Hence the Henley shirt was born.

There is no definition of business casual per se. Henley shirts are considered business casual, especially the long sleeve version of this shirt.

Research / Frequent Questions

CAn you wear a shirt under a Henley?

When it comes to fashion, there aren’t any rules. You can layer shirts however you’d like to.

But, that doesn’t mean every combination is comfortable (or aesthetically pleasing). Layering clothes the wrong way can leave you looking sloppy and feeling sweaty.

For this reason, we don’t recommend wearing a shirt under a Henley. This garment is meant to be worn as a shirt, not over one. Not only will it look weird, but you’ll probably overheat quickly.

Are henley shirts business casual?

In some situations, Henley shirts are appropriate for business casual events.

For example, they look great under a blazer or jacket. This usually only works if the Henley is slim-fitting, though.

Baggy Henleys are better for casual situations. They’re great for wearing to barbecues or while mowing the lawn.

Obviously, you should consider the color and fabric, too. A red cotton Henley might not look professional. But a black polyester one could be considered business casual.

where did henley shirts come from?

The history of Henley shirts is a long and fascinating one.

In short, these shirts were originally designed for English rowers in the early 1800s. They were originally meant to be worn as underwear. They are named after Henley-on-Thames, a small town outside London.

The gained popularity when Ralph Lauren discovered the design. He began to mass produce them and market them as a luxury item.

should I tuck in a henley shirt?

Henley shirts are a lot like t-shirts. They’re very, very versatile.

So, you can tuck your Henley in if you want to. But if you’d prefer to keep it untucked, you can do that too!

Ultimately, it depends on the event. If you’re wearing one to a wedding or business meeting, you should probably tuck it in.

But if you’re just wearing it to a party at a friend’s house, you can probably get away with the untucked look.

How Should A Henley Shirt Fit?

Depending on your style, they should be snug but not real tight. They are also usually worn untucked.

What Does A Henley Shirt Look Like?

A Henley shirt looks like a snug shirt with three buttons at the tops. It is usually a bit dressy looking because of the buttons but it is a casual style.

What Is A Henley T Shirt?

A collarless pullover t shirt that has 2-5 buttons. Basically it is a collarless polo shirt