Best Khaki Pants [January 2020]

Are khaki pants in style?

Yes they are still in style. There are many different variations of khakis these days, but they have endured through a lot of years and trends.

Khaki vs Chinos – Whats the difference?

Chinos is almost the “formal” wear of the khakis so to speak. They are made of lightweight 100% cotton and are more form fitted where as khakis are made of heavier cotton blends and made to be durable and useful and have the ability to accommodate heavy activity by the person wearing them. They are also not as formal as they are not as form fitting

Are khaki pants considered jeans?

Jeans are not khakis. You can have khaki colored jeans though. They are considered a dressier style pant than jeans, while still maintaining their use and durability features

Are khakis formal?

They are not formal. They are business casual

Spotlight – Closed Denim Biker Pants in Khaki

This weeks review is on a pair of Closed Denim Biker Pants in Khaki which I got sent by the lovely brand to try. I have always loved the look of their jeans, they love to try colours and different styles so they have been a fun brand that I have wanted to try for a while. I’m really glad they sent me the moto style as well, I love them a lot more than I thought I would.

The fit of these jeans is really skinny. As you can see from the photos, they are a super skinny jean all the way down from the hips to the ankle. They feature inseam zippers as well so that adds to their skinniness. I have grown really fond of the inseam zippers instead of outerseam zippers. I prefer them as they are more subtle. They are slightly small in the waist though, but I do find that happens a lot with Italian jeans, they are cut differently to the American based brands.

They also have two seams that go down the outside of the legs, not just one outserseam but another one for detailing and I think that makes them very unique. The moto/biker stitching on the knees is also one that I love so much! Sometimes brands find it hard to get this right and make it really realistic while being comfortable, but these are comfortable as well as really well done. The stitching doesn’t go all the way around to the back so they are much more easy to bend your legs in without feelling restricted.

The back pocket placement is quite high up too which does give the illusion that your butt is more perkier. It makes it more rounded and another thing I find with this brand, since they are Italian and cut differently, is they give you a bit more room in the butt area which I find really useful as I don’t end up with the flat or squashed tush look that I do with some jeans.

The fabric of these is really really soft and very stretchy. It feels a lot like a jegging material because it’s really easy to move in and it’s quite clingy. You can see from the photos how soft and tight it feels and looks at the same time. It’s really nice. I took a 27 in these which is my normal jeans size. It’s my first time trying the brand though so I can’t compare the sizing to other Closed jeans unfortunately. Even though these jeans have a lot of detail on them, they are still minimal and flattering. The stitching is the same colour as the Khaki wash so nothing stands out too much, everything blends in which I like. I’m also a huge fan of the Khaki colour, I find it matches a lot of clothes and is easy to pair many colours with. It’s a great Fall/Winter neutral!

I think I have covered most of the details and everything that I can but of course I will always answer your questions through the comment system if you have any! These are definitely in my top two moto/biker jeans! They are up at the number one spot with my James Jeans moto jeans! I love them! These also come in green, red and blue! So if you want to be bold and fun, you can try out those colours as well! Buy the Closed Denim Biker pants online at for 189 Euros.