Best Men’s Belts [March 2020]

Every man needs a belt in his wardrobe.

Not only does it serve an important function (holding up your pants), but they also add maturity to a man’s look.

Honestly, a man with a belt looks far more composed than a man without one. We believe that every man should have at least one in their closet.

But how do you know which one to pick? Which color? Which material? What brand?

We’ve outlined a few of the best men’s belts to point you in the right direction.


Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans


Amiri from SSENSE $990.00

Skinny-fit Italian stretch denim jeans in blue featuring tonal check pattern thr.


Slim Jeans

Slim Jeans


Amiri from Bergdorf Goodman $1,490.00

Amiri x Grateful Dead destroyed jeans in vintage light wash with graphic sides.


Distressed Jeans

Distressed Jeans


Amiri from Farfetch $1,817.00

Clay indigo distressed slim-fit jeans from AMIRI featuring distressed effect, be.

Best Belts

Our favorites and a little about what makes each special…

Best Full Grain Leather Belt

Best Full Grain Leather Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories


Monochrome belts are a hot commodity these days. It seems that people may have grown tired of contrasting colorways and gravitate toward one-toned belts instead.

This leather belt by ALLSAINTS embodies everything we love about monochrome belts. Its burnished leather and matte-finished buckle give it a stylish and elegant look.

It’s also available in two colors (black and brown). We recommend you buy one of each so you have a belt to match every outfit!

Best Leather Belt for Jeans

Best Leather Belt for Jeans 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Shinola Lightning Bolt Keeper Leather Belt

Shinola’s monochrome belt is a smooth, stylish contribution to the accessories market. At 2 1/4″ in width with a 1 3/4″ buckle, this belt is slightly slimmer than typical belts. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a subtly stylish accessory to their wardrobe.

Based in Detroit, Shinola is a newer company that’s been making some amazing products lately. They source all of their materials in the United States and are quickly building a name as a top-of-the-line manufacturer.

Best Leather Dress Belt

Best Leather Dress Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Allen Edmonds Rev Avenue

If you’re looking for a leather belt that exudes luxury and style, look no further than Allen Edmonds’ collection. This company produces some of the finest belts in the fashion landscape.

This belt features a finished silver buckle and feathered edges that should appeal to anyone who cares about what they look like.

It’s reversible, too. With one black side and one brown side, it’ll match your outfit no matter what color you’re wearing!

Best Western Belt

Best Western Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Ariat Men’s Basket Stamp Circle Concho Belt

Do you prefer a more Western look? Seeking a belt that looks good with your cowboy shirt and bolo tie? This leather Ariat belt could be perfect for you!

It comes in a rich, brown color and features embossed conchos. The leather is easy to clean by hand, making it great for any man who spends their days working on the ranch.

Ariat is traditionally known for its boots. But, they could have a bright future in the accessories market if they continue to make high-quality items like this!

Mens Canvas Belt

Mens Canvas Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Brig Slidebelt

Brig’s patented Slidebelt is making waves in the accessory industry.


Well, this canvas belt features a uniquely-designed buckle that prevents tearing and ripping. It’s hole-free, too, so you can adjust it in 1/4″ increments to get the perfect fit.

Furthermore, the Slidebelt is customizable in that you can choose any combination of strap and buckle. In other words, it’s a great belt for those seeking the perfect colorway to match their style!

Best Mens Casual Belt

Best Mens Casual Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Shinola Detroit Center Stitch

Another Shinola belt, this one is perfect for the casual wearer. It’s made of authentic leather and features a stainless steel buckle that looks just as good with dress pants as it does with jeans.

This belt’s best feature is its namesake center-stitch design. Basically, it features a seam down the middle of it that gives it a reinforced structure in addition to a unique style.

Best Ments Stretch Belt

Best Ments Stretch Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

BC Belts Braided Elastic Stretch Belt

We typically think of stretch belts as being made from canvas. It just tends to have more elasticity than leather and other materials.

But, BC Belts has found a way to make a stretchable, genuine leather belt! It’s great for those who dress up often but fluctuate even slightly in weight. Perfect for those times when you eat too much at a wedding or formal dinner!

Best Mens Webbed Belt

Best Mens Webbed Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Vans Deppster II Web Belt

Webbed belts have the advantage of being stronger and more durable than traditional belts. Because they’re made from interwoven material, they tend to withstand much more activity than other styles.

This Vans model is one of our favorite webbed belts. Made from woven polyester, it features a metal snap buckle that won’t give up.

If you’re looking for a belt that’s built to last, this could be the perfect one for you!

Best Mens Golf Belt

Best Mens Golf Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Nike Golf Belt 3-Pack

For more than half a century, Nike has produced affordable and high-quality athletic products. Their belts are no exception.

These polyester webbed belts are designed specifically for the golf course. Both sturdy and flexible, they’re perfect for golfers who need a belt that gives them the freedom to move.

And, they’re relatively inexpensive. For only 30 bucks, you get three different belts, each in a different color!

Gucci Men’s Belt

Gucci Men’s Belt 🌟

belts, fashion, clothing, accessories

Gucci Interlocking-G Calfskin Leather Belt

Over the past century, Gucci has worked hard to establish themselves as one of the finest clothing retailers in the entire world. Crafting unique designs from high-quality materials, Gucci has certainly earned its reputation.

This belt is one of our favorite accessories from the clothing line. Made from grained calfskin leather and featuring the trademark G as its buckle, it embodies everything that the brand has come to stand for.

Research / Frequent Questions

Are Braided Belts Out Of Style?

Braided belts are not out of style. They are actually considered a classic accessory for men.

What kind of belts are in style?

There are many different kinds of belts in style. Here are some of the most popular.

The simple leather belt, classic and goes with anything.
Complimentary belts that are colored and meant to be paired with similar color.
The handmade casual belt, braided belt.
The polyester braided belt.
Gold color belts for girls
Elastic waist belts that are wide

How do I choose a suit belt?

Remembering the belt is an accessory not a necessity is the first tip.
Make sure your belt is the right size and use the middle hole for buckling.
Make sure it is a belt that is for dress, and not casual.,
Leather is used for dressing up and looking professional.

Can you wear dress pants without a belt?

You should remember that if there are belt loops, then yes the pants should be worn with a belt. If you are trying to look professional and not casual, then you need a good looking belt.