Black Selvedge Denim – Your Guide [February 2020]

A “selvedge” is a skinny, tightly-stitched band of denim that runs inside of the seam on a pair of pants.

When someone makes a pair of selvedge denim jeans, they create one of these strips to make them stronger and prevent ripping.

This technique has been around since the invention of pants. Lately, it’s come back into fashion. Because everyone is in search of a pair of jeans that are built to last, many people are opting for pants with a selvedge.

Our Favorite Back Selvedge Denim

And a little about what makes each special…

How To Fade Black Jeans

Everyone needs a nice pair of black jeans. They’re versatile and look stylish in almost every situation.

But, sometimes black jeans are too dark. Sometimes, you want a pair that looks faded and worn-in.

If you want to fade a pair of black jeans, here’s what you need to do:

Step #1: Get some bleach – You can use this to drain some of the dye out of your denim.

In addition to bleach, you’ll also need the following materials:

Laundry detergent
Fabric Softener
Rubber gloves

Step #2: Pour bleach into the washing machine – Place between one and three cups of bleach in a washing machine. More bleach will take more dye out.

Make sure to pour the bleach directly into the washer (not the bleach dispenser), so it’s not diluted.

Step #3: Run your washer – Set the washing machine to a mid-speed cycle. Use cold water. Run the washer for 60 seconds to fill it up. Then, turn it off.

Step #4: Put your pants in the washer- Put your gloves on. Submerge your jeans under the water/bleach mixture. Make sure that they are completely soaked.

Step #5: Wash the jeans – Run a one-minute cycle with the jeans inside. Turn your washer off, open it up, and make sure that the jeans are submerged under water.

If they are submerged, run a full cycle.

Step #6: Wash them again – When the first cycle is complete, run another cycle with water, laundry detergent, and fabric softener. This will drain out any remaining bleach.