The Best Cropped Bootcut Jeans [January 2020]

When it comes to picking the right shoe with wide leg cropped jeans, there are a couple different styles women can wear to feel stylish and confident.
High heels are okay. A comfy backless loafer mule, low block heel, flats and sneakers. Just about anything will go with wide leg cropped jeans.

What is a cropped jean?

A cropped jean is a jean that is cut at different lengths, depending on height and figure, to accentuate a womans legs. They are basically short jeans.

What Length Should Wide Leg Cropped Pants Be

When it comes to wearing wide leg cropped pants, you should be aware that you can wear these with ease as long as the length is proper. Following the fashion trends, one inch above the ankle is customary and what looks best for those who want to achieve this look.

Do Cropped Pants Make You Look Shorter

Yes they can make you look shorter and a bit stumpy, which is not a flattering look. If you decide you want to wear them though, be sure you tailor them properly.

What Tops Do I Wear With Wide Leg Jeans?

It all depends on the look you are going for. Definitely go for print tops because they are in and very popular. Turtlenecks are also making a comeback as well. There is just about anything you can pair with it as it is hard to go wrong with denim.

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