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Get To Know DSTLD [May 2019]

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Have you heard of DSTLD (pronounced distilled)? Chances are the brand has rung a bell or two. With backgrounds in the creatives and luxury market, founders Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn believe that great clothing shouldn’t come at an extreme price tag.

To be able to cut costs, took away the noise and chose minimal, modern and lasting styles. Next, they cut out retail to make their pieces available at a 1/3 of the price that they would normally retail for.

Even better, the team is still able to provide sustainable materials, natural dyes, and eco-friendly practices and techniques.

If you have been on the hunt for a quality pair of jeans, DSTLD is definitely a brand that you should try. See our favorites below

DSTLD’s Best Men’s Jeans

Check out some of the great styles that DSTLD has below…they also offer women’s, which you can find by scrolling below.


Dstld Mens Slim Jeans

Dstld Mens Slim Jeans

DSTL:D Mens Slim Jeans

Slim Fit mens jeans cut to make the fit roomier than skinny slim fit jeans, these DSTLD are a great addition to any jeans wardrobe. They are made to look sleek and fit just right for any body type.


Best Straight Leg Jeans

Best Straight Leg Jeans

DSTLD Straight in Black Worn $75.00

A straight cut in a black wash for when you want to don black jeans with just a bit more ease to your look.


Best DSTLD Jeans

Best DSTLD Jeans

DSTLD Skinny Slim in 11.75oz 24 Dip Indigo Timber $75.00

A pair of raw jeans with a little bit of stretch. These are the jeans that will evolve with you like raw denim but will be comfortable for the whole ride, without the dreaded “break in” period.


Best Stretch Jeans

Best Stretch Jeans

DSTLD Skinny in Stretch Black Indigo $85.00

A timeless pair of black skinny jeans that every guy should have in their closet. Made of a stretch denim, these jeans have great flexibility and recovery. So even for the most active guy, these jeans will keep their shape.


Best Wide Fit DSTLD Jeans

Best Wide Fit DSTLD Jeans

DSTLD Straight in 12.75oz 24 Dip Indigo Timber $75.00

If you are looking for a roomier pair of raw denim to break in, these are the ones for you. They have a straight cut that is classic and perfect to break-in and create a story with.


Best Skinny DSTLD Jeans

Best Skinny DSTLD Jeans

DSTLD Skinny in Dark Wash Resin Grey Stitch $75.00

A skinny take of their signature dark resin wash with grey stitching. These are slim throughout the leg to give an edgy silhouette and is preshrunk. So there is no worry about them getting tighter after being washed.


Best Selvedge Jeans

Best Selvedge Jeans

DSTLD Slim in Selvedge Indigo Grey Stitch $85.00

A re-imagined style of their popular Slim cut made in a 14 oz. raw selvedge indigo denim. These have a roomier thigh that are perfect for the more athletics builds and have a clean dark blue that is easy to style around.

DSTLD’s Best Women’s Jeans

Now, 6 recommendations from their women’s line.


Best White Jeans

Best White Jeans

DSTLD Mid Rise Skinny in White $85.00

When you find the perfect pair of white jeans, you will stick with them. These DSTLD pair have a mid rise and a white that has warmth to it, so they not only feel fresh, but are a versatile pair of white jeans.


Best Cropped Ankle

Best Cropped Ankle

DSTLD High Rise Boyfriend Jeans in Medium Vintage $95.00

These will become your new weekend jeans. The slouchy cut and distressing with a frayed hem makes them the perfect style to just lounge around in.


Best Light Wash Women’s

Best Light Wash Women’s

DSTLD Mom Jeans in Light Vintage $75.00

A lightwashed mom jeans is always necessary to add to your closet.


Best Black Jeans

Best Black Jeans

DSTLD Mom Jeans in Faded Black $95.00

Mom jeans are here to stay and DSTLD has a black pair that will make you want to give your 501s a little breathing room.


Best High Rise Jeans

Best High Rise Jeans

DSTLD High Rise Skinny Medium Vintage $95.00

A vintage inspired high-waisted pair of skinny jeans that will have you wanting to channel Debbie Harry – and sport some double denim – once you add them to your closet.


DSTLD Skinny Boot in Black $85.00

Made of their signature black denim, these jeans have flexibility and recovery along with holding you in. Plus they have a very on-trend cut that will give your looks a little Parisian chicness.


DSTLD is known for making high-end, form-fitting denim.

Their jeans range in size from ultra-skinny and straight-leg to high-rise, boot-cut, and flares. They even make “Mom jean” fits for those who want an authentic 1990’s look.

One of the best things about DSTLD is that all of their pants are true to size. If the tag says your size number on it, you can be sure it’ll fit comfortably.

DSTLD Jackets


DSTLD Womens Leather Moto Jacket With Silver Hardware

This leather motorcycle jacket puts a 21st-century spin on a classic jacket design. Made from smooth, dark leather, it features reinforced elbow patches, asymmetrical zippers, and an adjustable waist buckle. Looks just as good with t-shirts as it does with button-downs.

This jacket is great because it looks just as good with t-shirts as it does with button-down shirts. And, it comes in silver, white, and suede, if you’d prefer something other than black.

Our DSTLD Interview

A few years ago when DSTLD had just launched, we had the privilege of interviewing their founders.

Mark Lynn and Corey Epstein are marketing/business gurus from Colorado that have a few businesses together and Anh Vu…well, she helped start the brand Nautica Jeans with John Varvatos so I don’t really need to do any more convincing. This “denim A-team” is not only bringing you a great product but approaching the way you buy denim in a whole new way.

DSTLD Store in Los Angeles

DSTLD Store in Los Angeles

Check out my interview with the DSTLD crew below, and enjoy shopping for their premium denim!

1. Tell us a little about DSTLD and what sets you apart from other premium brand denim?

Mark Lynn: DSTLD puts so much investment in the fit and make. You can see and feel this by the quality of the fabric and how it includes stretch for fit (no sag) and comfort, the richness of the dyes and washes, the premium hardware and intricate stitching (especially on the cuffs). With DSTLD’s clean, modern styles part of the fit and make is in what you don’t notice ÔÇö the fit achieves a second skin feeling and the make ensures we don’t need to cover anything up with unnecessary (cheapening) elements.

Anh Vu: We design and craft our jeans using top-tier fabrics and the same mills as other top premium brands, however where you really see the difference with us is in our groundbreaking grading/tailoring systems for greater fit precision. Because we don’t need to work on traditional retail timelines, we’re also often first-to-market with highly modern fabrics and design techniques. In many ways, DSTLD is superior to other premium brands, only our line starts at $65. For women, we employ a dual-layer contoured waistband for a comfortable, figure-flattering close fit that eliminates the dreaded “butt gap” (guys: ask your girlfriends about this), a multi-point “bodymapping” system to ensure every size is cut to embrace and highlight the body, and ring-spun dual-flex yarns for super soft feel as well as superior stretch and recovery.



2. Where do you draw inspiration from for your collections?

Anh Vu: Our aesthetic is a mix between French minimalism and edgy street chic. Designing is an extremely collaborative process! Between working with Corey and Mark on the styles to come and executing the washes and finishes with the manufacturers, no detail goes overlooked. With DSTLD, it’s all about clean, effortless style – no excess. You won’t find anything meaningless, no crazy stitching for the sake of showing off. Instead I focus on perfecting the art of simple, streamlined design. Carefully detailing the fit and stitching scheme for every garment – specifying the size and shape of every last stitch, from fly to pocket lines to hem. Selecting the exactly right fabric and wash to make a pair of jeans look and feel amazing. I’m a little obsessive about design. You have to be, though, with something as nuanced as denim. For weeks I’ll mull over how the pocket shape changes with subtle angles and when the denim is stretched along curves.

3. Where do you see DSTLD in 5 years? 10? What is your vision for the company?

We see DSTLD as becoming the biggest, most successful born online lifestyle brand. We want to change the way people experience luxury, because luxury isn’t just a price point – it’s innovation, it’s utilizing the most advanced materials, and it’s the experience in which you deliver all of the elements together. DSTLD is creating that experience.

DSTLD Studio

DSTLD Studio

4. Who is the DSTLD Girl/Boy?

The DSTLD female/male is the new era of conscious consumer interested in purchasing fewer, better things. Things that focus on quality and innovation rather than of-the-moment trends. They’re savvy and stylish with a streamlined, edgy-minimalist aesthetic.

5. You’re only selling online, tell us a little bit about your business model and how it’s changing the denim industry. (You can talk about the home fitting option here etc.)

Mark Lynn: The name DSTLD (pronounced ÔÇÿdistilled’) is a double entendre of sorts, a nod to both our design philosophy and business model. To distill is to remove unnecessary elements so that only the essential remains. This applies to the modern, unembellished aesthetic of our label, as well as the disintermediation of the premium denim market: removing unnecessary third-party sellers who mark up product 200-300%, and — simply by virtue of carrying or “representing” multiple brands — are ineffective storytellers for any one brand.

Seventy-five percent of the designer jeans sold in the world are made in Los Angeles. We source our materials and develop our washes and finishes in the same factories as all the other premium players, but since we don’t sell to third party retailers, we’re able to keep our price point very desirable – our denim starts at $65.

We know that jeans are an intimate experience for women, which is why we’ve developed a home fitting program – clients choose three pairs of jeans to try in the comfort of their own home for up to 10 days, completely complimentary. Clients are only charged for what they keep.

6. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came about starting DSTLD.

Corey Epstein: Honestly we found the denim business because we are in L.A, the denim capital of the world. With backgrounds in retail consulting and e-commerce, we questioned why premium denim cost so much, and set out to deliver a premium product at value. Our solution was to “distill” the business of denim, remove the “impurities” and unnecessary middlemen to create a “pure” denim brand, direct to you. Our lead designer, Anh, has a very diverse fashion background, from designing at couture houses in Paris to to launching Nautica Jeans with John Varvatos, and everything in between.

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