Your Guide To Faded Jeans [February 2020]

How to fix faded black jeans

You need to choose the color dye you want. They will have their own set of instruction, so you’ll need to follow those instructions. Sometimes they have you boil water and soak the jeans in it.
After mixing the dye together, soak the jeans in the dye and water for the amount of time indicated.
Make sure you rinse your jeans under cool water until the water runs clear.
Wash and dry the newly dyed pants

The Best Faded Jeans

And a little about each…

how to keep jeans from fading

Pre soak your jeans in one cup white vinegar and salt. Turn them inside out
Turn them inside out and mist them with vodka and water. Let them dry and then put them in the freezer to kill smells and bacteria
Wash on gentle cycle and skip the dryer.

how do you make jeans look faded?

Fill your washer halfway full with warm water. Put gloves on and measure a cap full of bleach in the water. Put your jeans in the water/bleach solution. Let them soak for ten minutes After ten minutes, let the washer finish the cycle. Do not dry the jeans in the dryer.