The Best High Rise Jeans [February 2020]

High rise jeans have be en vogue for the last couple of years. They look great year round, keep everything tucked in, and have had tons of love from the best denim brands.

Check out our favorites below

Our Favorite Rise Jeans

And a little about each pair.

How do you wear high rise jeans?

When it comes to wearing high rise jeans, it all boils down to your body type as with any clothing. If you are short, you want to get petite jeans. The short skinny jeans will flatter your body type.
If you are a pear shaped person, then you should go for the boyfriend type jeans, they will be better to accentuate the areas that need to be displayed.
If you’re an athletic build, then you need to wear jeans with flare bottoms.

How do you hide belly fat in jeans?

Hiding that belly is not too hard. You should wear jeans that are snug and tighter fitting with a mid to high rise style.

Do high waisted jeans make you look thinner?

Choosing skinny jeans with a higher waist that are tight fitting are a good way to look thinner. Wearing darker jeans will help with your appearance as well to get a thinner look

What is the difference between high rise and mid rise jeans?

Mid rise jeans sit on the hips, where as high rise jeans are close to the belly button.

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