Japan Selvedge Denim [March 2020]

Why Is Japanese Denim Considered The Best?

It is basically because of the production process. The selvedge is sewn in a way that prevents fraying and unravelling. Also the denim is a rope denim that helps with the color being uniform as well.

Are Gustin Jeans Sanforized?

Yes they are sanforized which gives them the indigo coloring.

What Is Selvedge Denim Fabric?

It is considered seflf edge denim, which is tightly woven on each end to prevent fraying.

Are Selvedge Jeans Better?

Selvedge jeans are considered better because the way the hems are done prevents the ends from fraying and unraveling.

What Are The Best Selvedge Jeans?

The best selvedge jeans out there today are HC Taylor Stitch Democratic Jeans in Cone Mills “68 Selvedge