Your Guide To Mens Bell Bottom Jeans [March 2020]

Are Bell Bottoms 60s Or 70s?

Bell Bottom jeans were popular in the 60s and 70s. They were initially worn as an anti war statement. They were worn casually and later turned into a statement against Vietnam by sewing peace symbols. Since young men were against expensive clothing stores, they shopped a lot at army and navy surplus stores. Bell bottoms were originally made for men in the Navy so they could roll the legs up.

Are Bell Bottom Pants Out Of Style?

Bell bottom pants never really go out of style. They fade in and out of the history of fashion. They are more often referred to as wide leg bottoms in stores these days. They have been in and out of the fashion pages since the 60s.

Why Did Sailors Wear Bell Bottom Trousers?

Yes they wore bell bottom trousers so that they could roll the legs up while they were cleaning the decks of ships and not ruin their uniforms.

What Are Mens Bootcut Jeans?

Bootcut jeans are made form a more comfy fabric that are fitted well around the thighs, and widen beginning at the knee down to the hem. This allows for men who wear bulky boots to work to be able to get their jeans over their boots.

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