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10 Of The Best (and Most Comfortable) Men’s Stretch Jeans [June 2019]

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Raw, rigid denim isn’t for everyone. If you have an active lifestyle — or just prefer comfort over style — stiff jeans can be more trouble than they’re worth.

Luckily, denim technology has come far, especially in the last few years. Today, brands are able to create jeans that mimic the look of more rigid styles without sacrificing comfort. These jeans have the wear marks that read organic with the added perk of stretch and even a buttery soft feel, making them feel as though you lived in them for years yourself.

Best Black Stretch Jeans

Best Black Stretch Jeans 🌟

PAIGE Lennox Super Slim $179.00

These are the softest men’s jeans out (from personal experience). They are made with PAIGE’s signature TRANSCEND fabric that is super stretchy and lightweight which makes them super comfortable and easy to wear day-to-day. They are also a favorite among Kit Harrington and Harry Styles.

Our Favorite Stretch Jeans

Don’t worry these jeans aren’t going to make you feel and look like you borrowed them from your girlfriend or forgot to change out of your compression pants after the gym.


Mens Jeggings

Mens Jeggings

J. Crew 484 Core Stretch Chinos

Stretch chinos from J. Crew with a dark blue wash.


Sweatpants That Look Like Jeans

Sweatpants That Look Like Jeans

AG Superior Stretch Farrah High Rise Jeans

Stretch denim in a true black wash.


Mens Stretch Jeans With Spandex

Mens Stretch Jeans With Spandex

Frame L’Homme Slim Leg Jeans

Skinny jeans from Frame


Wrangler Stretch Jeans

Wrangler Stretch Jeans

Wranglers Stretch jeans $24.00

The one the only Levi’s 501 blues original fit stretch jeans are here to stay. The iconic jeans just keep getting better. Easy to care for and go with anything, you will not be disappointed with these Original fit stretch jeans.


Levi’s Stretch Jeans Mens

Levi’s Stretch Jeans Mens

Levi’s Men’s stretch jeans $59.00

The one the only Levi’s 501 blues original fit stretch jeans are here to stay. The iconic jeans just keep getting better. Easy to care for and go with anything, you will not be disappointed with these Original fit stretch jeans.


Mens Stretch Jeans With Spandex

Mens Stretch Jeans With Spandex

Everlane Mens Stretch Jeans $68.00

These athletic fit stretch jeans by Everlane are made from 98% cotton and the perfect blend of stretch material. They are great for everyday wear and they promise to be a great addition to your clothing collection


Stretch Jeans With Gusseted Crotch

Stretch Jeans With Gusseted Crotch

Bonobos Stretch Jeans $68.00

These mens stretch jeans by Bonobos are a great look for anywhere anytime, any place. Made with high quality denim and the perfect combo of stretch material, they are great for keeping shape and are not stiff and rigid like other jeans.


Softest Jeans

Softest Jeans

Bonobos Soft jeans $88.00

These Bonobos lightweight 90% cotton jeans are guaranteed to be soft, comfortable, and a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. They are stretchy while also keeping their “memory” and easy to care for


Most Comfortable Jeans For Guys

Most Comfortable Jeans For Guys

Nudie Comfortable jeans $83.00

These jeans are great for every day wear and guaranteed comfort. THey are quality made jeans that are breathable and distress free finish to ensure comfort and they will be a great pair of durable jeans for your wardrobe.


Best Raw Stretch

Best Raw Stretch

NUDIE Grim Tim $129.00

NUDIE has found a way to incorporate stretch into their dry denim to allow the wearer to break them in just like an actual pair of non-stretch raw jeans. Plus they also have numerous cuts, along with this classic pair here, that’ll suit anyone’s style choice.


Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice

FIDELITY Jimmy Slim-Fit $195.00

These by FIDELITY are the pair for those true denim heads that forebode anything but selvedge styles. They have all the details that we all love about selvedge with the added comfort of stretch for that skate session.


Best Distressed Stretch

Best Distressed Stretch

KSUBI Van Winkle $215.00

KSUBI is the brand known for bringing the rebellion to the market. They have always gone against the grain and their jeans are always at the front lines to show that. Their Van Winkle has just enough stretch to them that gives them the look of rigid styles with the benefit of being able to jump around…just ask Travis Scott, who is a huge fan of the brand.


John Elliott The Cast 2 Skinny-Fit Coated Denim Jeans $330.00

AMIRI is the brand that many dream about and their denim is always upping the fun factor of their jeans, like these. They gave the track style a glam rock touch by adding some glitter. Why not have some fun with your jeans every now and then, especially when they are as good as these.


Best Light Wash Stretch

Best Light Wash Stretch

Eastdane Paige $209.00

RAG & BONE takes pride in their denim and it really shows in the line. They never sacrifice comfort over aesthetics and you will always be able to find a style that suits your taste from them.


R13 Boy Skinny $345.00

These by R13 are the ones for if you are looking for thicker denim that still has some stretch to it. They have an edgy wash that is versatile and will make any of your looks even cooler.


J BRAND Mick Raw Denim Skinny Jeans $133.00

J BRAND is known for innovating their denim when it comes to the women’s line. Their men’s jeans are no different. They are always soft to the touch and never compromised on quality. It is also great that they offer an abundance of washes for their soft denim that mimics the most rigid styles.

What are Stretch jeans?

Stretch jeans are exactly what they are named to be. They are a denim made with a new cotton blend and it’s made with a material called elastane which is a synthetic fiber that is designed to hold shape and wear the best. They are made with only a 1-3% of the fabric.

What should you look for when buying jeans?

Some great tips are…

If they are going on too easily, then you should go in a smaller size.

When buying super stretch, they should not be so tight that the seam is straining.

If you buy white jeans, then you should not have front pockets, get faux front pockets
If you are apple shaped, you should get stretch jeans with a straight cut.

The waistband should be snug and not too tight, but you should be able to fit two fingers in there
Read and follow the care instructions, they are very important to get the most wear out of your jeans

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