Your Guide To Mid Rise Jeans [January 2020]

What is mid rise in women’s jeans?

Mid rise in womens jeans means the jeans rest on the hip and have about an 8″ inseam

What are high rise jeans?

High rise jeans are jeans that come to the belly button and are better to wear if you want to hide the belly fat.

What is mid rise and low rise jeans?

Low rise are a good two inches under the navel, where as mid rise jeans rest on the hips but can sit right under the belly button

What does low rise jeans mean?

Low rise sit about 3 inches below the navel and that also are popular with rap type stars

Are mid rise jeans flattering?

Mid rise jeans are not very flattering if you have a muffin top. They are great if you have a flat bellyl

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