Moto Jeans: Everything You Want To Know

what are moto jeans?

They are biker jeans, and they have a distinctive raised stitching and skinny fit.

What Does Moto Mean in Fashion?

Moto jeans are one of the hottest denim trends around.

These pants, which usually come pre-ripped and feature padded patches on the thighs and knees, are designed to look like those worn by motorcyclists.

They look great with a t-shirt, a leather jacket, or even a moto denim jacket with matching patches.

If you’re into slim-fitting streetwear that has a bit of an edge to it, the moto style could be perfect for you.

How to Style Moto Jeans

Moto jeans look great with almost every outfit. There’s something about their rugged, worn look the enables them to make any outfit look a little bit cooler.

Trying to decide how to wear your moto jeans? Here are a few ideas:

White sneakers and a T-shirt

The moto jeans/white shoes look is a slick one. It looks particularly good with a pair of faded, light-blue denim pants.

Polo and Some Dress Shoes

The great thing about moto jeans is that they look just as good with a dress shirt as they do with a t-shirt. Try pairing them with some dress shoes and a polo for a night out at the club.

Pair ‘Em with a Jacket and Boots

Moto jeans are designed to look like biker jeans. So, it only makes sense to wear them with a leather jacket and some boots. Or, you could even take your denim game to the next level and wear a moto-style jacket with your moto jeans.