Raw Denim Jeans [July 2019]

Raw Denim in 2019

Raw denim; natural, untouched, and the purest state a denim pant can be. It comes straight off the fabric roll and gets sewn into a proper pant before being shipped off and worn, completely unwashed. Yes, aside from some indigo stained hands (careful where you rub up against), raw denim is the truest, most old-school way to wear your jeans.

Cotton, which is naturally white, is dyed with indigo to create the blue in all denim. The attraction with raw is that you are the sole creator of how and what your denim become. The more you wear them, the more the indigo breaks down, revealing a natural fade in the jeans with every wear. In women’s jeans, it’s a modern aesthetic that become closer to becoming your own, custom-made jeans that can tell your own little story with every fade, rip, and wear.

The Best Raw Denim Jeans

Here are some of our favorites…