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When you wear a Henley Shirt, you must make sure that you wear the correct size so that it fits correctly. The correct size of the shirt is essential. To wear it correctly, remember this. The shirt must be form fitting, not loose. Especially if you wear the long sleeve version of this shirt. If you are a bigger man with a round middle, do not wear Henley shirts at all, they will not look good.
In the warmer months, short sleeve looks good with jeans or whatever you like to wear.
In colder months, layering it looks much better

Henley shirts were named after the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley on the Thames. The first Henley royal regatta was in 1839. This was a type of shirt that was made for the rowers who were in the competition. Hence the Henley shirt was born.

There is no definition of business casual per se. Henley shirts are considered business casual, especially the long sleeve version of this shirt.

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