The Best Super Low Rise Jeans [January 2020]

There are a lot of low rise jeans on the market these days. Most can be found on Amazon. The best so far are made by Wax Womens Super Stretch Skinny jeans that are made from dark denim.

What Does Low Rise Jeans Mean?

Low rise pants are also know as hipster or low cut jeans. They are also referred to as lowriders and rap pants. They sit low on the hips, usually 8 centimeters lower than the navel. Low rise pants are available since the 1900s but their popularity increased in the 2000s,

Rise is the area from the middle of your crotch to the top of the waistband. It usually measures 7-12 inches. It is crucial this area is correct because it determines how well the jeans will look on you as well.

How Do I Know My Jeans Are Low Rise?