Your Guide To Ultra Low Rise Jeans [January 2020]

What are the best low rise jeans?

To determine the best low rise jeans, a good indicator on the internet these days is whatever is considered a top seller on Amazon.

At this time, Hale low rise jeans, and Lily Parker low rise jeans are considered the best for comfort, style , durability and being true to size fit.

When did low rise jeans come out?

Throughout history, denim is a staple. Low rise jeans were introduced over a hundred years ago. Through out the decades they made their comebacks. In the sixties, through the nineties, they were on again off again. It was Alexander McQueen who made the latest statement in the nineties that they caught back on and have been in stores ever since.

Are mid rise jeans flattering?

Of all the jeans out there to choose from, the question is what will look good? If you are not into high fashion, but still want to find a pair of jeans to look good no matter your figure, mid rise is the way to go. They are comfortable for all types of figures, and have more structure around the midsection to help with tummy control. They are also good with most tops no matter the length.

Do low rise jeans look good?

As long as you wear them correctly, they do look good. The secret is that you wear them properly. The key is to buy them at least one size too big so that do make the fat on the sides of your hips stick out. They are usually worn with a belt as well with a tshirt that falls about an inch over the jeans so that your belly and butt doesn’t hang out.